Incoming Student Scholarships


Students coming to Yıldız Technical University within the scope of Mevlana Exchange Programme will receive a scholarship of 900 TL monthly for the academic year of 2017-2018. Each academic term consists of 4 months.

80% of the total amount of the scholarship will be paid to incoming students at the beginning of the Mevlana Exchange Programme mobility.

The remaining 20% of the total scholarship will be provided by calculating the ratio of the total credits of the succeeded courses to the courses that the student take as obligatory courses. 


Outgoing Student Scholarships


The scholarship amount to be paid to students going to higher education instutions abroad differs according to the life standards of the country of the host institution. 

To get information about the scholarship amounts for outgoing students for the academic year of 2017-2018, please click here.


Grant for Incoming Academic Staff

Amount of Scholarship


Academic Title

Daily Scholarship (TL)


50 TL

Associate Professor

50 TL

Assistant Professor

50 TL

Other Titles

40 TL


Travel Allowances 




Travel Grants (TL)

Asia-Pacific, South America, North America

4.000 TL

Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia

3.000 TL

Europe, South Caucasus, South Asia, Middle East, North Africa

2.250 TL