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Confirmation of Arrival

YTU does not provide a Confirmation of Arrival form. If your university has such a form to be filled out by YTU, please bring it to be signed on the orientation day. If you will not be able to attend the orientation programme, you can visit Mevlana Office during the Office hours to have your document signed. The date to be written as your arrival date will be day in which the document is signed.


How to Get a Student ID Card

You can visit Mevlana Office to pick your Student ID Cards.  


How To Get Student Transportation Card

In order to issue your Student Transportation Card, İstanbul Public Transportation Institution (IETT) will ask you about your YOKSIS Number (ID number given to the students studying in a higher education institution in Turkey) along with the following documents:

1. Student Certificate (to be handed out during the orientation programme)

2. Passport copy

3. Card Fee: 10 TL

4. Photo (headshot)

After you collect all the necessary documents/information, go to an application center with your ESN buddy to submit your application.


IETT Web: http://www.iett.gov.tr/en



Set up your electronic device according to the guidelines below. You may need some help from your ESN buddy.



How to Change the Subjects in the Learning Protocol

Mevlana Learning Protocol is available to download at:

Incoming Students from Partner Countries

Changes to the Original Learning Protocol (Page 2) should include the changes that you have made on the previously-listed subjects.

Send the document that you have filled in to your home university by e-mail and have it signed and stamped.

After you receive the signed document from your home university, have it signed by the Departmental Mevlana Coordinator at YTU.

Following the signature of your departmental coordinator, submit it to Mevlana Office.

Following the signature of the Mevlana Office, you can pick your paper up and submit one copy to your departmental coordinator at YTU and your home university.

Please note that any section of the Learning Protocol is first signed by the departmental and institutional coordinator of the home university. Please do not insist us to sign your documents, without having them signed by your home university.

The duly-signed Learning Protocol change papers should be submitted to YTU Mevlana Office by 9th March, 2018. The papers submitted after 9th March, 2018 will not be taken into consideration.

In order to register your courses in the university automation system, Mevlana Office will ask you to send the list of the courses that have been agreed in a draft excel document (Course Registration Form) by 9th March 2017. The draft will be sent to you soon by e-mail.


Turkish Language Course (Course Code : ERA0001)

If there is sufficient number of students willing to take, Turkish Language Courses will be organized for incoming Mevlana students;

- for free

- in exchange of 6 ECTS

- at three different levels: Beginner, Pre-Intermadiate, Advanced

The detailed programme about Turkish Language Course will be announced upon the start of the semester.


How to Apply for Residence Permit and Visa

Please contact the Turkish Consulate in your home country for student visa and fulfill your responsibilities before entering into Turkey. Otherwise, you may encounter some problems during your stay here.

Please visit below-mentioned web-site for Immigration Office:



Health Insurance

One of the following insurances is accepted:

- A document confirming that you can benefit from the medical services in Turkey based on a Bilateral Agreement signed between the two countries concerning the Social Security.

- Private Health Insurance.

- A document issued by the relevant institutions confirming that the medical expenses which will occur during the exchange period will be met by that institution.


If you need to buy your insurance in Turkey, here is the list of Insurance Companies in business in Turkey: http://www.tsb.org.tr/non-life-companies.aspx?pageID=965


Departure Documents

1. Certificate of Attendance

2. Transcript of Records

3. Confirmation of Departure* (YTU does not provide a Confirmation of Departure form. If your university has such a form to be filled out by YTU, please bring it to the Mevlana Office as close as possible to your departure date, since the date of your departure will be the day that the document is signed. The departure date cannot be later than 1st July 2018.)

It is advised you to pick up your final documents before your departure since you may need the original documents later.

If you need the confirmation of departure form after your departure, you will be asked to send the scanned copy of the passport page showing your exit stamp.


ESN YILDIZ (Erasmus Student Network)

It is the official student club of the university which is authorized to help out the incoming Mevlana students in terms of accommodation, transportation, social facilities and the life in Istanbul/Turkey.

Each incoming Mevlana student will have a buddy who will be appointed by ESN YILDIZ. You’ll receive / may have received the contact information of your buddy soon. For further information, please contact ESN YILDIZ:


Web         : http://esnyildiz.esnturkey.org

E-mail      : esnyildiz@esnturkey.org

Facebook: facebook.com/ErasmusStudentNetworkYILDIZ

Twitter    : twitter.com/yildiz_esn


If you need any further information and/or assistance, please contact with Mevlana Office.



E.    mevlana@yildiz.edu.tr

P.    +90 212 383 5546

A.    Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Mevlana Değişim Programı Birimi, Davutpaşa Kampüsü, Taşkışla Binası A-1003 34220 Esenler / İSTANBUL.








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