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2018-2019 academic year application period is completed. Thank you very much for the applications!


If applicants (student / academic staff) wish to withdraw their applications, please submit withdrawal letters to mevlana@yildiz.edu.tr between March 19th - 21st.


After this period, applicants will be submitted to CoHE for the final decision, and below-mentioned rules are applied to applicants. 



Regulation on Mevlana Exchange Programme


Student Obligations:


ARTICLE 19- (1) Students who have granted admission file from higher education institutions are deemed to have undertaken the obligations of Mevlana Exchange Programme student. Scholarships of the students granted within Mevlana Exchange Programme are suspended if it is realized that they do not initiate the study without an excuse although they have granted admission files. If refund of the payments made are requested from students in this situation. In this case, students can not be a Mevlana Exchange Programme student in neither education level nor with or without scholarship. Despite they are admitted to Exchange programme, provision of this article applies if they declare to registered higher education institution with a petition that they resign from the right of access to Exchange programme.


Designation of the academic staff:


ARTICLE 25- (4) Academic staff entitled to participate in the Mevlana Exchange Programme and do not participate without an excuse, can not apply to this programme for a period of three years.