- Country and Field Regulations


For 2018-2019 Academic Year's applications, please refer to the below-mentioned table.

For example, an academic staff from Azerbaijani higher education institution is eligible to apply for Mevlana Exchange Program only if his/her department is Humanities and Social Sciences (e.g. education, linguistics, economics, business, etc.)


  Humanities and Social Sciences Science and Engineering
Afghanistan Applicable X
Albenia Applicable X
Algeria Applicable X
Australia X Applicable
Azerbaijan Applicable X
Bangladesh Applicable X
Belarus  X Applicable
Bosnia and Herzegovina Applicable  
Brazil X Applicable
Canada X Applicable
China X Applicable
Cibuti Applicable X
Egypt Applicable X
France Applicable  Applicable
Gambia Applicable X
Georgia Applicable X
India Applicable Applicable
Indonesia X Applicable
Iranian X Applicable
Iraq  Applicable X
Japan Applicable Applicable
Jordan Applicable X
Kazakhistan Applicable X
Kosovo Applicable X
Kuwait X Applicable
Kyrgyzstan Applicable X
Lebanon Applicable X
Libya Applicable X
Macedonia Applicable X
Malaysia Applicable Applicable
Mexico X Applicable
Mongolia Applicable X
Montenegro Applicable Applicable
Morocco Applicable X
New Zeland  X Applicable
Oman Applicable Applicable
Pakistan X Applicable
Palestine Applicable X
Philippines  X Applicable
Qatar Applicable Applicable
Romania Applicable X
Russia Applicable Applicable
Saudi Arabia Applicable Applicable
Singapore X Applicable
South Africa X Applicable
South Korea Applicable Applicable
Spain Applicable Applicable
Sudan  Applicable X
Tajikistan Applicable X
Thailand X Applicable
Tunisian Applicable X
Turkmenistan Applicable X
Uganda Applicable X
Ukraine X Applicable
United Kingdom Applicable Applicable
USA X Applicable
Uzbekistan Applicable X
Yemen Applicable X