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The implementation of Mevlana Exchange Program by Yıldız Technical University and the partner institutions signing Mevlana Exchange Protocol is approved according to the below-mentioned schedule:


Receiving the applications for the Exchange Program



February 5th – 23rd 2018


Assessment of Applications



Feb. 26th – March 2nd 2018


Reporting the assessment results to the Council of Higher Education



March 16th 2018


Announcement of assessment results



To be published later



Who can benefit from Mevlana Exchange Program?:

  1. The students registered in formal education programs in Associate Degree, B.A, M.A and PhD level at higher education institutions in Turkey (on condition that the higher education institutions signed Mevlana Exchange Protocol) may benefit from Mevlana Exchange Program.


  1. All academic staff who work in a national or foreign higher education institution, on condition that the higher education institutions signed a bilateral Mevlana Exchange Protocol, may benefit from Mevlana Exchange Program. In the scope of mobility, academic activities of academic staff cannot be less than total six hours weekly.



  1. In hourly calculation of the activities performed by academic staff, courses are considered. If course hours do not complete six hours, academic activities like seminars, panels or conferences are evaluated in this context. Academic staff mobility plans which do not contain lectures shall not be considered within Mevlana Exchange Program and accepted for the Exchange.  





Application Requirements of Mevlana Exchange Program Student:


  1. Students should be studying at associate degree, bachelor degree, master degree or PhD degree of higher education programs


  1. Grade point average (GPA) of associate degree and undergraduate students must be at least 2,5 on a 4 point scale. Grade point average (GPA) of graduate students (MA, PhD) must be at least 3.00 on a 4 point scale.


  1. 50% language score + 50% GPA


  1. The students studying in their first year at associate or bachelor degree and the students of preparation classes and scientific preparation programs of graduate degrees cannot participate in this program at their first semester.



Other Aspects Related to Mevlana Exchange Program:


  1. Students may apply to the Mevlana Exchange Program unit of his/her university after filling the required forms properly. Students may study abroad for one (minimum) or two (maximum) semesters. Semester periods may be different considering the education systems, but the total exchange period cannot exceed one academic year.


  1. All academic staff, working in higher education institutions with Mevlana Exchange Protocol, may apply to Mevlana Exchange Program coordination offices of their institutions. Academic staffs may participate in Mevlana Exchange Program, and they may lecture abroad from one week (minimum) to three months (maximum).


  1. Students do not pay any tuition fees to the host institution during the program, but they continue to pay the obligatory tuition fees to their home institutions. They do not pay any extra fee to the host institution within the scope of the exchange program. In addition, they continue to take their other scholarships and grants in their home countries and they have to do registration in their home institutions.



Documents Required For The Application:


For Students:


Students should submit the following documents within the application period:

  1. Candidate Student Application Form
  2. Transcript of Records
  3. Language Assessment Score
  4. One Headshot Photo
  5. Student Certificate





For Academic Staff:


Academic staff should submit the following documents:

  1. Academic Staff Information Form
  2. CV


The documents that are necessary for the application process can be found on the official website of the Council of Higher Education. Click here to get the documents.