Life in İstanbul


With a population of 12 million, this is the most populated city of Turkish Republic, and is the center of exports and imports, entertainment, cultural activities, education, shopping, tourism and artistic activities across the entire country.

Located in the heart of the Old World, Istanbul is an important and renowned megalopolis with its historical monuments and magnificent natural beauties. This is the only city stretching over two continents, Europe and Asia, where they face each other across a narrow body of water called Bosphorus or the Istanbul Straits.

Founded over 2500 years ago, it soon became an important commercial center owing to its strategic location where lands and seas meet. The city of Istanbul is encircled with fortifications built in the 5th century CE and stretches over 7 hills, each of which was crowned with a sultan's mosque, adorned with Turkish monuments. The skyline of the city is bewildering, bewitching and peaceful from every angle. The Golden Horn is the best protected natural harbor in the world and had a key role in the development of the city. Its location at the junction of main routes, controlling the strategic Bosphorus straits, a peninsula with a perfect setting for defense, ideal climate, rich and bountiful nature are to the advantage of Istanbul. Under the shadow of the Roman, Byzantine and Turkish historical monuments deliberately preserved the city has a very vivid and colorful daily life, and is becoming more colorful with the rich social, cultural and commercial activities.


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